Laminate flooring is a super durable floor which has excellent stain and scratch resistance. Laminates have had a bad name in the past because the market was flooded with cheap and unsubstantial products along with poor quality installation practices.

The common misconceptions about laminates are: they're not durable, they swell with water and that they look fake!

The truth is.... Good laminates such as Quick-step laminates are one of the most durable floors available. They can be water proof and look as good as any real wood floor! Laminates are used in many heavy traffic commercial environments for this exact reason. 


-Laminates are often a cost effective fast solution for you flooring needs.

-They do not require too much floor preparation before being installed which is ideal in fast track situations.

-They are installed floated using a click system method which means they can be easily taken up and re-laid again if needed.

-Laminates can be installed in any room in the house including on your stairs or in your kitchens & bathrooms using water proof systems. Laminate floors are excellent in commercial situations.

-Damaged boards can be easily replaced.