Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Laminate Flooring

- Polyflor, Quickstep, Plusfloor

- Waterproof Laminate

- LVT Parquet Flooring

- Click Vinyl Floors

Quickstep Livyn - Luxury Vinyl Tile

The above and below picture show an apartment fit out in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This was a click system luxury vinyl tile floor (LVT) using the manufacturer, Quickstep. 

Kitchen / dining room flooring flowing out to the landing areas.

Bathroom Laid In Herringbone Luxury Vinyl Tile

Herringbone vinyl floor installed in a bathroom and throughout hallway with boarder.

Glue Down LVT Laid In A Kitchen Using Herringbone Pattern

This was another herringbone luxury vinyl tile floor. Installed in a kitchen with a boarder.

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Differences between vinyl and laminate

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile floors (or LVT for short) are one of the most diverse floor coverings available and are an excellent choice in both domestic and commercial settings. 

LVT floors are more commonly know by the big LVT brand names such as Amtico & Karndean. This can lead to some confusion as the umbrella term LVT is still relatively unknown to the general public. 

LVT floors are made from PVC boards that have been cut down to manageable sizes to replicate wood planks, stone tiles or other abstract patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Tile floors are not sheets of vinyl. They are thicker, higher quality single pieces that can be put together in an endless range of styles and patterns to replicate any kind of floor covering. 

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is usually MDF based with a print covered in laminate. This makes a floor that is a super durable with excellent stain and scratch resistance. Laminates have had a bad name in the past because the market was flooded with cheap and unsubstantial products along with poor quality installation practices.

The common misconceptions about laminates are: they're not durable, they swell with water and that they look fake!

The truth is.... Good laminates such as Quick-step laminates are one of the most durable floors available. They can be water proof and look as good as real wood floor! Laminates are used in many heavy traffic commercial environments for this exact reason. 

-Laminates are often a cost effective fast solution for your flooring needs.

- They do not require too much floor preparation before being installed.

- They are installed floated using a click system method which means they can be installed pretty fast.

- Laminates can be installed in any room in homes such as stairs, kitchens & bathrooms using water proof systems if needed. Laminate floors are excellent in commercial situations.

- Damaged boards can be easily replaced.

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