Brooksfloor have a huge selection of real wood floors to choose from.

We have taken a broad-brush approach with the pictures below from their range to illustrate the different grades, textures and finishes available. There are many more colours and designs. We will tailor your specification and design to match this with the extensive range available from Brooks Floors. 

On quotation we will bring along many samples so you can look, feel and see how the floor looks in your home. Just click request a quote and enter the reference number in the 'Contact us' form.

Ref: SolidB

Solid Oak Flooring with either a lacquered or oiled finish.

Planks come in random lengths between 400-1500mm

You can choose to have planks at 120mm or 150mm wide

Grade: Mix of character & rustic

Ref: E2011 

Engineered Prime Oak Flooring with either a lacquered or oiled finish

Plank size: 180mm wide x 1800mm length

Prime grade wood floors are chosen for their attractive grain, minimum amount of small knots and sapwood.

Ref : E2015 

Engineered Character Oak Flooring with either a lacquered of oiled finish

Plank size: 240mm wide x 2200mm length

Character grade wood floors are mixed with prime and borderline rustic boards which allows for more colour variation, sapwood and medium to small sized knots.

Ref: E3003

Engineered Rustic Oak Flooring Smoked & Oiled Finish

Plank size: 180mm wide x 2200mm length

Rustic grade flooring is again allowing more knots and defects allowing to be mixed into character grade planks. Becoming extremely popular as its imperfections seem to bring the floor to life.

Smoked or Fumed wood is a process of using ammonia to darken the oak naturally.


Engineered Handscraped Oak Flooring - Chocolate Stained & Lacquered

Plank size: 180mm wide x 2200mm length

Handscraped flooring is a technique that is used to make the floor look old and to give a distressed look and feel.

Ref: L1002

Engineered Rustic Brushed Oak Flooring - Sunken Filler & Smoked

Plank size: 180mm wide x 1800mm length

Brushed flooring is a technique used that softens the wood fibers in the grain. This gives the wood depth and feel.

Sunken filler adds even more depth and gives a rustic feel.


Engineered Lime Washed, Brushed & Oiled Oak Flooring

Plank size: 180mm wide x 1800mm length

Lime washing the wood lightens the wood as well as leaving the floor with a beautiful white grain effect.

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